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Monday, September 6, 2010

Wordplayer - Have your Books read to you

After installing the American English SVOX Voice on my Android phone from the Marketplace, I wanted a way to to have my phone read Books to me: not just SMS, Navigation, and emails. I found the app Wordplayer and Speech for Wordplayer from the Marketplace a working combination for this task. Once the settings were figured out in the TTS settings by using SVOX Classic as the default Speech Engine under Android 2.1 I could open a Public Domain eBook in ePub format in Wordplayer and have it read to me. It sounds more natural than the standard PICO Engine that is all mechanical synthesis. Andi It's pretty nice having thousands of free e-Books to read, which you can find aplenty at Feedbooks works with the Kindle, Sony's e-reader, the Nook, and Wordplayer, among others - feeedbook is also a publishing platform for those wanting to self-publish their work, besides offering thousands of Public Domain works for free. So check it out and start having your books read TO you while you drive or do chores.

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